V for Violet

Violets are blooming in my courtyard! Violets, the cousins of the pansies! Yay for me, cuz I love them! Why?

a) Because of their cheerful colour

b) Because of their sweet soft smell

According to Wikipedia, violet is one of the oldest colours used by man, found in cave paintings.
So I totally Googled pictures of cave paintings. I found a lot of brown, black, red, even green colour… I almost gave up and decided Wikipedia got it wrong again, but look, this seems like a nice violet:
Or maybe this can be something close to violet:
I don’t know, it’s pretty hard to distinguish violet between blue and purple. If you find a cave painting that has violet colour in it, let me know, ok?

Now about the smell. My own nose sez the violet has a delicate smell, sweet but light. I would associate it with what PARADISE smells like, although it would be a competition here between violets fields and freshly mown HAY up in the mountains in a charming summer night with the sky full of stars. Sigh.

This will do for the moment:


Naturalist and historian Pliny the Elder wrote that they wore crowns of violets on their heads in ancient times when they had headaches. Worn as a crown and inhaling their perfume, [violets] dispel the hangover and the weight of the head (Naturalis Historia XXI, 130).

They say on the Internet nowadays that the violet can steal you smell for periods of time because of the ionone that they contain, but I haven’t noticed that till now.
I mean, I’ve noticed that I sense almost EVERY smell just in the beginning, then it fades cuz my nose is getting used to it.


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